Pir and Par

Restaurant and bath complex

Welcome to Pir and Par!

Enjoy the evening view of the Kaban lake and delicious food!

"Pir" together with his fellow "Par" on the shore of the Boar form a single restaurant and bath complex.The restaurant looks like a kind of chalet in the mountains: walnut trim, tins with food on shelves, candelabra on the ceiling.The menu contains a funny mix of Tatarstan and the Mediterranean.On the one hand - kullam(though more like lasagna without beef, but with mushrooms and cheese), shurpa and echpochmak, on the other - bruschetta with Kamchatka crab and salmon caviar, nisuise with canned tuna and sautéed mussels.


Pir restaurant

Gourmet cuisine

When decorating the interior used Canadian cedar. One of the brightest details in the office is the famous horse-shaped lamp located at the entrance.

Here is a classic of European cuisine, as well as Tatar dishes. The richest wine list deserves the praise of even the most picky critics.

The service is excellent.Restaurant "Pir" is popular with both citizens and tourists.

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Waiting for you for dinner

Par bath complex

Great comfortable bath

"Par" is a bath complex, which is part of the restaurant and bath complex "Pir and Par", located on the shores of Lake Lower Kabana.

Professional Russian bath attendants work here, who helped athletes recover after the competition.

The center includes four guest houses. In each of them there is a steam room, a dining room, a living room, a relaxation room, a swimming pool - everything you need for a comfortable stay and healthy body.

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